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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ( editura: Penguin Books, autor: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, ISBN 9780140623352 )

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ISBN: 978-0-14-062335-2
Anul publicării: 1994
Pagini: 302
Format: 11.2x18.1
Categoria: Limbi Straine


Penguin Popular Classics - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - complete and unabridged The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes brings together twelve of the master detective's most celebrated cases. What is the secret of the speckled band that brings death in its wake? What terrible villainy is going on behind the respectable facade of the house at Copper Beeches? How has a priceless diamond found its way into the gullet of a goose? Why does an envelope containing five orange pips inspire such terror in its recipients? And what of the clever and beautiful Irene Adler, who proves more that a match for the famous detective? For the eagle-eyed Sherlock Holmes no challenge is too great. Aided by his faithful friend Dr Watson he uses his razor-sharp wit and remarkable powers of deduction to solve the seemingly unsolvable.


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